It That Has No Name

Katie Carrollton and her friends decide to spend the first party of their senior year at an old house, recently acquired by her mother’s real estate company. The party is set for early October, so preparations begin. First and foremost, they have to gain access to the house without Katie’s mother’s knowledge. Once that’s done, the celebration is on.

As the night progresses, the partiers experience unexplainable events. They become the targets of nameless supernatural foes, and their lives are now in danger. Horrific attacks force each party guest to face his or her deepest, darkest fears.

Katie soon learns she has a connection to the mysterious house; her ancestors once owned it. Due to frightful occurrences, her own newly realized gifts awaken and could help them stay alive. Katie’s unknown family secrets are the key to saving her friends—friends who will be forever changed by this night of terror.